About Mischievous Offerings™

Unique gifts…Quality & Equality! We’ve always been a bit odd and tend to socialize with other odd folx (purposeful spelling). We found it hard to find the kind of eclectic gifts and items that we or our friends would find entertaining, so…we decided to start making them ourselves. We also decided to share our creations with others and thus Mischievous Offerings™ was born!

Although “Customer Satisfaction” has become a cliché in the retail world, we truly embrace it. We want to make a good product; we believe in quality first and profit second. An example of this philosophy was our process in deciding which t-shirts to use for our designs. We ordered 17 versions of t-shirts from various companies (Hanes®, Bella+Canvas®, Gildan®, etc.) to find one with that perfect balance of cost and comfort. What’s the point of having an inexpensive (cheap) t-shirt if you don’t wear it because it doesn’t fit or feel right? We want you to wear our t-shirts over and over!

But who are we actually? Mischievous Offerings™ is run by a small group of all inclusive peoples; to include women, veterans, polyamorous peoples, and members of the LGBTQIIA+ community. We believe in Equality for All and a portion of our profits will be donated (on a rotating basis) to support Planned Parenthood, local Pride organizations, the Human Rights campaign, and other similar organizations.